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Developing medicines to treat patients with neurological conditions.


Our interests lie in psychiatric, mental health and mood disorders, neurodegenerative diseases and complex pain management in cancer and palliative care.


Our focus is to provide existing approved drugs in new and improved formats for patients - through reformulation, reindication, clinical development and product in-licensing.

Oral Ketamine Pipeline

Keticap® oral capsule Ketamine for human use.

These formulations and the associated clinical studies are in the research & development (R&D) phase,

therefore they do not have marketing authorisation from any national medicines regulator at this time.

Our aim is to use our oral ketamine formulations in human clinical studies to test their ability to treat patients with Major Depression Disorder, safely and effectively.

Further details can be provided on request to suitable parties.


  "Keticap ® - IR (Immediate Release)".

An oral capsule formulation aimed at timely release of Ketamine.

  "Keticap ® - AD (Abuse Deterrent)".

These oral formulations aim help limit the potential for abuse. They are gel-like formulations that make dissolving formulations in solvents and injecting - or grinding and inhaling the formulations, quite difficult.

Ketamine has been shown by others to be useful in treating Depression. Ketamine seems to act quickly for responding patients. This is key, as most anti-depressents take many weeks to work, or to fail.

Long term effects of Ketamine and its mechanism of action are not yet fully understood, but much research worldwide continues in these areas.

References to the literature can be provided on request to suitable parties.




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