Dr. Lindsay is currently the Chairman and CEO of Zebra Biologics Inc. a pre-clinical stage biotech company with activities in San Diego and Boston, USA. (www.zebrabiologics.com)

Dr Lindsay has been in the bio-pharmaceutical industry for more than 30 years. Following an academic career in neuroscience, firstly as a post-doc at the Friedrich Miescher Institute, (Basel, Switzerland), and subsequently as a staff scientist at the National Institute for Medical Research (MRC, London, UK). 

He entered the pharmaceutical industry as Head of Cell Biology at the Novartis Institute for Medical Research (NIMR, Univ. College, London).

In 1988, Ron joined Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NY) as the third employee and co-founding scientist and, as VP Neurobiology, led Regeneron’s neuroscience and pre-clinical groups for a decade. 

In 1998, he joined Millennium Pharmaceuticals and served roles as CSO of the subsidiary Millennium Biotherapeutics Inc. (Cambridge, MA) and Snr. VP of the parent company. 

Ron subsequently joined diaDexus Inc., (San Francisco) a molecular diagnostic and cancer target discovery company, in 2001 and served as the company’s CSO until 2004, at which time he opened a consulting business, Milestone Consulting. 

Since then, he has served either as a board member or scientific advisory board member to several private and public companies including, Neuro3D, Rinat Inc., Serono S.A., Arqule Inc., Neurocentrx Ltd., Sequenom Inc., and Depixus S.A.S. 

Between 2009 and 2013, he served as Exec. VP R&D at Sequenom Inc., a molecular genetic diagnostic company that developed the first non-invasive NGS pre-natal diagnostic tests for trisomies such as Down’s Syndrome. 

Dr. Lindsay is the author of over 150 peer-reviewed scientific publications and book chapters, primarily in the field of neurotrophic growth factors and nervous system development and disorders. He obtained a BSc. Hons. degree in chemistry from the University of Glasgow, and a PhD in protein chemistry from the University of Calgary, Canada.

As CEO of Zebra Biologics Inc., Ron remains motivated by the great need to develop innovative therapeutics for neurodegenerative diseases and chronic pain.