Eric has 30 years’ experience within the pharmaceutical industry in commercial and scientific leadership roles. He has extensive knowledge in psychiatry, neurology, neurodegeneration and infectious diseases and an expert in launching novel compounds in the UK and Europe.

Among his key attributes is a proven track record in combining his commercial knowledge with the development of symbiotic strategic relationships with academia and industry.

He is astute and knowledgeable about maximising the potential for experimental and clinical trials with a key focus from bench to Phase II and collaborate with industry to hasten the translation of our work to patient benefit.

Eric is currently the Associate Director of the Centre for Innovative Therapeutics (C-FIT), The Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience, King’s College London and his role is to accelerate collaboration with Government, NGOs and industry to develop novel/digital therapeutics from bench to Phase II.

He is also CEO of BETA Therapeutics Diagnostics (BTD) – A KCL joint venture with the bi-tech company Seekacure. The joint venture’s objective is to deliver cost-effective, repurposed therapeutics in the areas of psychiatry and neurodegeneration. It plans to have its first repurposed medicine in the market late 2024.